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Seller Options

Have you ever noticed how Real Estate Agents assume they know what you want out of your home?

Most agents only offer 1 option. Put a sign in the yard, put it in MLS, hope it sells.



We believe you should have a lot of options. Here’s 3 so you have an idea of what we mean.

  1. Sell quickly and move out on your time frame, potentially with no commissions and no closing costs.
  2. Have a 7-day market assault, which may take longer but provide you with more money at the end of it.
  3. Or the ability to have us provide you the capital to rehab your home so you can NET the most money and you can pay us back at closing.

Maybe the timing of your move-out is important. You have a job transfer, new home build you’re interested in, another home that’s not going to last long on the market, or you just have to meet certain dates or any other reason. We give you the flexibility you need to have the best home sale experience.